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New Memorials

Our extensive brochure will help you to select the type, style and material of the memorial you would like. Before choosing the memorial however, you will need to be aware of the various regulations laid down by the particular local authorities, churchyard or cemetery. We are able to advise you on this and obtain the necessary permission for your choice of memorial once you have made your decision.

Here at Williams Monumental Company our Stonemasons are qualified in all types of letter cutting.

On many of the memorials today the lettering is sandblasted into the stone to give a wider choice of styles and sizes of lettering. We use stencils designed and cut by computer, these are then used to sandblast into the stone, this method offers the finest quality lettering available. All styles of font can be used i.e. Block, Script, Roman, Chancery, Old English, Italic etc.. which can then be Painted in a choice of colours, Gilded or finished in Drill & Lead.stone masons bournemouth

More traditionally our stonemasons are trained in the skill of Hand cut lettering; this can also be finished in Drill & Lead, Gilded or painted in a choice of colours.headstones bournemouth

We also specialise in other types of lettering such as Hebrew and Chinese.

We can also reproduce any photograph of your loved one onto a ceramic photoplaque, available in various sizes. This can then be securely fixed onto a memorial.

Also, specialist Badges and Insignia can be added to memorials.

Once you have decided on your memorial, Inscription and finish, Layouts and drawings allow us to show you exactly how your memorial will appear.

Although our brochure shows our memorials, we do have our own workshops so if something special is required please contact us to discuss your request further.

A firm quotation can be given once your choice has been made and your order will be confirmed along with a scale drawing of the proposed memorial.

We are happy to help you with any further information or enquires you may have.

Additional Inscriptions

Sometimes when a loved one dies, it is their wish to be buried with a spouse, sibling or parent. If a memorial is already in place and an additional inscription is required then Williams Monumental Company can take care of this for you. We will deal with the cemetery or churchyard authorities to gain the correct permits required, arrange the removal and re-fixing of the memorial using our BRAMM registered fixers and clean, renovate current inscriptions (if required) and add the new inscription so loved ones can be remembered.

If you would like more information or a quotation for this service please contact us.

before - headstones bournemouthafter - headstones bournemouth


As memorials are made from natural stone, the weather can ultimately take its toll. Memorials can become marked, stained and the inscriptions can fade. Here at Williams Monumental Company we can renovate memorials, clean memorials, re-level memorials and renovate weathered inscriptions. We are confident that we can make most memorials look as good as new. No memorial is too big or too small, Headstones, Kerb sets, War memorials or monumental statues.

If you would like more information, a quotation or to arrange an inspection for this service, please contact us.

before - monumental masons dorsetafter - monumental masons dorset

Personalised Etchings

Sometimes when you are choosing the memorial for your loved one, you may require something a little more special. Here at Williams Monumental Company we have the facilities to take a picture or photograph of someone or something, edit it and etch it onto the memorial.

As you can see from the pictures of samples we have already done, the process is very accurate and effective.

starting image - headstones bournemouth  personalised memorials bournemouth    

 headstones dorset  after - headstones dorset  

If you are interested in more information on this process then please contact us.